I Run 30 To 40 Minutes On My Treadmill Everyday With The Speed Of 6.5 Miles Per Hour - Is That Good Cardio?

I mean - does that contribute well to my weight loss? I have a small belly but still and would like to loose it... 

Oh Yea We Got The Sixpack Now….?

ok so now we have six i guess you can say we have one of the best teams in the league. oh and yeah hey kurt warner... 

What Is The Purpose Of All Those Sit Ups? What Good Is A Sixpack Of Washboard Abs In A Physical Confrontation?

Does it really make a difference in a fight or would it be better to have some fat to absorb some of the impact... 

How Do I Build Strong Hard Abs Really Fast?

I'm too fat, my stomach is Flack, i want strong abs fast ARD wants, what exercises to do, wait for abs, I know.  Read More →

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