How Can I Flattened My Abs Faster I Mean Fast….?

I have a Lil bit of love handles, and I'm working out well with my exercise ball and weights and walking. Is there a fast technique that can help cool flat and tighten my abs faster. . . . fast?



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  1. Money says:

    His name is dear to eat well. You should eat only slow digestion of carbohydrates such as whole grains and such, except directly after a wrokout. And no carbs after 4pm! Because they do not burn carbohydrates were so close to bedtime and all that are not burned are stored as fat. Also replace all saturated fats with Omega-3 is so butter instead of olive oil should be used, for example.
      As for exercise, circuit training and interval training are the best for fat loss. And always think of him as fat loss and not weight loss. Intervals are quick as a minute and a minute not so fast on cardio for anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
      No, because the neglect cardio weights only rev up your metabolism for 15 minutes while the weights are rev your metabolism by up to 48 hours.
      Have fun!

  2. ?critter says:

    Im on a diet I just started about 5 days i eat 4 small meals a day i only eat junk food once a week and junk food, but limited in the ab excersize 3.4 do different things everyday hipthrusts, abdominal , leg lifts, and sit back rooms because I have a large stomach can not do squats i am pretty sure that the cracks are axes of the hip when he lay on his back with arms at your side leg lifts stretched in the air and then lift my ass to the sky as if his kicks with 2 feet (this works the lower abdomen i) make about 25 of those and then lift your leg so was I with my hands in the form of triangle below my tail bone and then cross my legs and picked up, so I feel that my stomach crisis until I make 25 of those and then do abs and last but not least is the back rooms wear situps bend your legs and bring them toward your chest and then the earth can do it slowly and go all the way (this works the abs more) or fast and not take them to the ground all the way, but if you want to work the abdominal muscles doing this all using his legs and chest carry chest near the knees when you do that 50 of these works, so I hope I hope that helped you get what your looking ☺

  3. Stephanie W says:

    When it comes to your body, nothing comes quickly. It takes a consistent approach - you have to consistently work out a lot and eat right. You could try different types of crunches that can really make your abs burn and if you continue using it everyday for a month, you will definitely see results:
      Before you start giving different ab exercises, I want to know: even though they may try to target different regions of the abdominals, tighten your abs together, so you can burn at different abdominal regions, it will work with all of them at the same time, for any given year.
      "Low" ABS - Lie on your back and legs flat. Lift your feet slightly off the ground (no more than 4 inches) and keep your legs straight. Put your hands in front of you and get to his feet, but not back up too much land. 2 sets of 25 a day.
      "Medium" ABS - normal cracks is sufficient for these. 1 set of 50 a day.
      "Superior" ABS - Keep your legs straight, keeping your back on the floor, raise your legs to the waist that is making an angle of 90 degrees. Point your arms up on their feet and reach your toes. 2 sets of 50 a day.
      Abs - Lay on your back and bring your legs toward you so that your feet are flat on the floor. Raise your right leg and place the heel on his left knee. 1 set of 25 a day, then alternate (left heel on his right knee) and 1 set of 25 a day.
      This, along with a healthy diet certainly gives you some abs if you do this regularly (at least 5 days a week). Sorry, but this was long!

  4. kathryn w says:

    To lose fat on your abs, you need to lose fat. The exercise does not help much because you can not spot reduce fat. So you have to go on a diet. Consider the Mediterranean diet or the south beach. Both are supposed to remove fat from the abdominals.

  5. David O says:

    try pull ups and cardio. I like 2000 situps a day and seems to work. Every time that u set the time and just pump out. Perhaps among the shows during commercials. too. . . not going for a second piece of cake if u know what i mean. If your serious just cut a little. expected that helped! :)

  6. happywhi says:

    If you are committed to achieving his goal he will.
      I found a program that has helped me flat abs here: http://www. magnificentabs. com / special_of …
      good luck!

  7. nomorebe says:

    I can almost guarantee your abs are pretty tight and only has to lose the last kilos (trying not to be bad) so everything will be flatter, tighter and generally better

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