How Do I Get Flat Abs Fast?

Hello I am 15 and have a question, obviously lol! Umm I have a good body just a little fat in the stomach and I get a flat stomach quickly. Can anyone tell me please, advice or a diet and execrices please? But like the diet please tell me exactly what I have and not eating. . . . I weight 45 kg and am 162 cm tall and my BMI is 17. 1, if that helps. . .

How Can I Get Abs Fast?!?!?

What kind of exercises can I do to get the abs in the fastest possible time (weeks) Do you know any exercises that I could get my flat stomach and toned fast? what has worked for you?

How Can I Get Really Flat Abs Fast?

I have kind of bulcky looking belly and flat like that when I wear tank tops showing swim does anyone know what I can do to really look girly flat stomach fast?

What Is The Most Effective Way To Get Abs Fast?

I do not want, like a six pack or anything, I am a girl and I just want a flat stomach and abs, but I do not want like Excel.
  I want this before 8 June if thats possible!