Posted on: January 07, 2013

Eating Right to Develop Those Abs

Would it not be splendid to have the ability to make the crowd go "wow!" whenever you take off your shirt? By having rock-hard abdominal muscles, you can. However, the road towards gaining this coveted asset will be long and hard if you do not have an idea of what food to eat. Indeed, those thousands of crunches must go along with a balanced diet for you to effectively develop a six-pack.

To truly achieve this basic component of an enviable physique, here are a few tips to get you started:

Avoid alcohol

With this liquor generally high in calories, drinking after an intense session of crunches will defeat the purpose of your workout. Besides this, this beverage increases your appetite.

Consume the right kind of carbohydrates

Ideally, you must steer clear of baked goodies and white bread as these tend to be burn up real fast whenever you exercise. To keep you going longer throughout every exercise, eat oats, whole wheat, brown rice, and beans.

Gulp down water, lots of it

And when we say lots, we are talking about 2 litres a day. Do so and not only will you be able to flush out the toxins in your body, you can also stop the desire to binge in between meals.

Tone down your appetite

Of course, losing weight should be part of your objective to look sexy in the midsection; you can achieve this by burning up more calories than the amount you take in. However, you must not overdo your fasting as it makes the body burn protein rather than its stored fats.

Get a good dose of protein

Because it takes more time to break down protein than carbs, eating more meat than bread will definitely make you feel full longer. Plus, it builds up the muscle tissues.

Indeed, for flatter abs, include these staple sources of the aforementioned enzyme in your diet:

  • Eggs - their balance of essential amino acids makes it worthy to be included in your breakfast menu. Eat at least one during your day's first meal and you will feel less hungry throughout the day.
  • "The inclusion of eggs in a weight management program may offer a nutritious supplement to enhance weight loss."

  • Soy - versatile and nutritious, these beans are a great source of fibre, protein, and antioxidants. Always go for the whole kind for best results.
  • Salmon - packed with omega-3 fatty acids, these make you burn fat more efficiently. Also, eating fish helps slow digestion; hence, you stop having those untimely cravings.

Once you have programmed yourself to follow the right eating habits, check out our website where you can find tons of information and videos on workouts that help you develop those coveted abs.